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Keep@Downsview is a partnership of the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa, Western University, McMaster University, and Queen’s University to preserve the scholarly record in Ontario in a shared high-density storage and preservation facility located at the University of Toronto’s Downsview Campus in North Toronto. Preserving and maintaining this valuable collection ensures that these resources will be available for generations to come.

Keep@Downsview was funded, in part, through the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities Productivity and Innovation Fund. Some capital and all operating costs will be shared amongst the five universities.

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Scholarly materials valued by our research communities

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Materials delivered to the library of your choice on demand

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A secure environmentally controlled facility that is optimally designed for preservation

The Keep@Downsview is a University of Toronto Libraries storage facility that houses and archives nearly 3 million library holdings.


For more information on Keep@Downsview, please contact:
Jesse Carliner | 416-978-1757 | jesse.carliner@utoronto.ca